Response from Prof. B.

Keith, I hope that you can convince some of your classmates to go along with one or more of the ideas that you outline (which are not all that weird, by the way). We have a graduate of Math 8, Jeff Beall, on campus who is an expert on this color space business, and another long-ago graduate Barb Meier who has been making a living as an animator, specializing in the color theory that she developed as an MA student here years ago. If you proceed in this direction, I'd like to put you in contact with them.

If you go further into the the geometry of four space as a subject in itself, I would like to find and lend to you the collection of illustrations by David Brisson of RISD to the book "Geometry of Roud Dimensions" by Brown's own Henry Parker Manning. These were done before the age of computer graphics and they are quite attractive. It might be interesting to juxtapose representations of these illustrations and some interactive animations on a web page.

The geometry of configuration spaces is one of my favorites. It is quite possible to run with some of these ideas for a good long time, even after you finish with this course at the end of the semester. It doesn't stop, after all--fascinating, as you said, and not really "that's that" satisfying.