Response from Prof. B.

Certainly non-Euclidean geometry represents something of a revolution in thought, although I do not know enough about the Kuhn paradigm to recognize whether or not is qualifies as a full fledged Scientific Revolution. It would be interesting to see a further development of this idea--too bad we are so far into the semester.

I don't know about the backwards experience that you asked about, although there are science fiction writers who have played with the idea. I recall someone talking about a patient who claimed to be able to free-float in four-space. When asked how she knew when the trip was over, she said it was when the corners of the room became perpendicular again. Nice.

Ah, yes, the Trinity. It's a bit late in the evening to begin that one now, but I definitely will be thinking of it over the next few weeks. I have to lead a discussion that will include mathematics and theology for a bunch of cosmologists at Loyola University in Baltimore at the end of May. I hope I get to develop some of those ideas before the end of the semester. Care to begin with a theory of your own?