Response from Prof. B.

A distinguished psychology professor, Loren Riggs, once told me that as many as five per cent of the people in the U. S. are functionally monocular, whether or not there is any actual impairment in the capability of the eye that is systematically ignored. There are one-eyed pilots, and it isn't clear that stereopsis plays that much of a role in the vision decisions at the distances that pilots have to deal with. I may be wrong on that. I haven't yet taken Cog Sci 77 although it seems tempting. I don't know of any studies about four-d perception as possibly related to the ability to interpret stereoscopic information. It might be an interesting study for us to consider.

I'm trying to get some easy fnord demos together to indicate how we can use that program to investigate some objects in four-space. How exactly to give everybody access is another matter, but we might be able to get some temporary way of letting people work with it in the SUN lab, even if it means having one of us go over there and log on to all the machines in a row, with permission of course.

I'll bet we could write a fnord program that would do the folding of the icosahedron more easily than that QuickTime version in the Buckminster Fuller link. I can't run that on my Mac PowerPC and that seems strange. Suggestions?