Response from Prof. B.

It is true that this chapter comes back to treat more seriously some of the topics that were only alluded to in the first chapter, like the tables of numbers of vertices, et cetera. In that sense some of the key ideas are not that new. On the other hand several readers found the new ideas insufficiently developed when they were first introduced, so that the first chapter was "tantalizing and frustrating". Now we get to work with it more deeply and it's old hat. It's hard to strike the middle balance.

Movies, yes, we do want to see more movies. You are not the only one who would like to see these things moving around, and we will respond to that demand (in the good, non-aggressive sense of "demand") very soon, maybe on Friday of this week. Ultimately we'll have a CD-ROM version that will be more satisfactory, maybe within a couple of years. Holographic movies will almost certainly take a longer time.

I'm glad to hear that Prof. Tom Webb's graphics still exist in that course even though I doesn't teach it anymore. Perhaps you can bring in the notes for that part of the course and we can see how the dimensionality comes in. Some of the class found the discussion in B3D a bit compressed and the meaning of the graphs wasn't so clear. Perhaps in the course it was better?