1982 Arion Press Edition Introduction

Author: Ray Bradbury

Abstract of Introduction: In this fairly lighthearted introduction, Bradbury explores why it is that Flatland has remained so popular for over a hundred years, concluding that the reason lies in Abbott's refusing 'to be serious about a serious subject.' Unfortunately, Bradbury also hints that Flatland is mainly for men, and thus, seems to miss the satire in Abbott's depiction of women within the novel.

Excerpt: This business of having me introduce Flatland is like asking a blind man to describe rainbows, Quasimodo to give lessons in grace and motion to Baryshnikov, King Kong to instruct Peter Pan in flying. What you have before you is the least scientific of all the science-fiction writers since Time began. I barely made it through primitive geometry, flunked algebra four years running, opted out of physics and chemistry, and wound up battered but unbowed over in those safe territories provided by cornmeal-mush biology and zoology. Why then the fourth-rate drop-out dropping in here to survey two-dimensional territory? Curiosity, for one. I read Flatland for the first time some 40 years ago...

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