1986 Penguin Book edition Introduction

Author: Banesh Hoffman

Originally printed in: 1952 Dover Edition.

Abstract of Introduction: In this short introduction, Hoffman discusses the mild surprise that a man of Abbott's interests (classics and theology) would write such a timeless mathematical adventure. He then proceeds into a brief discussion of time as a fourth dimension--a dimension that "holds sway" both in Flatland and our three-dimensional world.

Excerpt: Here is a stirring adventure in pure mathematics, a fantasy of strange spaces peopled by geometrical figures; geometrical figures that think and speak and have all too human emotions. This is no trifling tale of science fiction. Its aim is to instruct, and it is written with subtle artistry. Start it and you will fall under its spell. If you are young in heart and the sense of wonder still stirs within you, you will read without pause till the end is regretfully reached. Yet you will not guess when the tale was written nor by what manner of man.

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