1994 Oneworld Edition Foreword

Author: Anjam Khursheed

Abstract of Foreword: Khursheed discusses the geometrical aspects of Flatland, as well as what it seems to say about closed-mindedness. Most importantly, Khursheed points out the religious aspect of Flatland, discussing the Sphere as the promised Messiah and how Flatlanders' treatment of such "revelation" reflects another level of the story dealing with such religious issues.

Excerpt: Flatland, written over a century ago, has passed the basic test that measures the worth of every novel; it has survived the passage of time. Not only has it endured, but the grounds for our appreciation of it have considerably grown. Through the portrayal of a strange land, whose inhabitants consist of two-dimensional geometrical figures, Edwin Abbott creates a multi-dimensional allegorical story, which is at once a humorous lesson in geometry, a creative exploration of higher dimensions, a psychological portrait of closed-mindedness, and a religious narrative of millennial revelation.

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