Publication History of Flatland

October 1884 Pre-publication issue distributed by the author.

November 1884 First edition of one thousand copies appears (Figure Al) and is reviewed in several magazines.

December 1884 Second, revised edition appears, with a new introduction by the author and several emendations in the illustrations and the text.

1885 American edition appears, based on the uncorrected first edition. Numerous editions follow for the next 55 years.

1886 Dutch translation appears, De Mijs Publishers.

1926 Basil Blackwell republishes the second edition, with an additional introduction by William Garnett. Numerous editions follow up to the present day.

1929 Abridged German translation appears, Flächenland, translated by Werner Bieck, Teubner Verlag.

1952 Dover Publications, Inc., republishes the second edition, with a new introduction by Banesh Hoffmann. Continuously published to the present.

1963 Barnes and Noble edition, with Garnett introduction.

1966 Italian translation and preface by Masolino D'Amico, with afterword by Giorgio Manganelli, Adelphi, Milano.

1968 French translation by Éditions DenoŽl, Elisabeth Gille, translator, reprinted 1984.

1976 Buccaneer Books edition, with an introdu\ction by Alexander Keewatin Dewdney, Cutchogue, New York.

1976 Russian translation, with notes by Yuri Danilov, Mir Publishers.

1976 Spanish translation, Ediciones Guadarrama, Madrid, translated by Jesús Villa.

1977 Japanese translation, Blue Backs.

1978 Grant Dahlstrom, Pasadena, California, with introduction and annotations by David W. Davies.

1982 Arion Press edition, introduction by Ray Bradbury.

1982 Emerson Books, Inc., edition, introduction by Karen Feiden.

1982 Complete German translation, Klett-Cotta Press, Stuttgart, translated by Joachim Kalka.

1982 Hungarian translation, by Judit Gálvölgyi, Kozmosz Könyvek, Budapest.

1983 Barnes and Noble edition, foreword by Isaac Asimov.

1984 Hebrew translation, Keter Publishing House, Jerusalem.

1984 New American Library Signet edition, introduction by Alexander Keewatin Dewdney.

1986 Penguin Edition, introduction by Banesh Hoffmann.

1988 Penguin Book edition, introduction by Banesh Hoffmann.

1989 Deutsche Taschenbuch Verlag edition, Munich, translation as of 1982.

1990 German Translation by Peter Buck, foreword by Ekkehard Otto, epilogue by Peter Buck, Verlag Barbara Franzbecker, Bad Salzdetfurth.

1990 Italian Edition, translated by Marisa Nascimbeni, introduction by Ruggero Bianchi, Gruppo Ugo Mursia, Milano.

1991 Princeton Science Library, introduction by Thomas Banchoff.

1991 Greek translation, Ekdoseis Delphini, Athena\.

1992 Japanese translation by Asako Ishizaki and Masuko Egashira, introduction by Tsuyoshi Mori, Tokyo Tosho Co., Tokyo.

1992 Dover Thrift Edition, introduction by Banesh Hoffmann.

1993 Catalan translation, Planilàndia, by Jordi Vidal i Tubau, Laertes, Barcelona.

1993 Portuguese translation, O País Plano, by Maria Luísa Mascarenhas and Luís Trabucho de Campos, introduction by William Garnett, Gravida Publicações, Lisbon.

1994 Oneworld Edition, "Flatland, A Parable of Spiritual Dimensions", introduction by Anjam Khursheed

1994 "Flatland/Sphereland" edition by Harper Perennial, introduction by Isaac Asimov.

1995 Easton Press Edition, introduction by Gregory Benford (reproduction of the first edition).

1996 Farsi translation, by Manuchihr Anvar.

1997 Polish translation

1997 Finnish translation, by Kimmo Pietiläinen, Terra Cognita, Vaasa.

1998 Penguin Edition, introduction by Alan Lightman.

1999 Shambhala Pocket Classic Edition, Boston and London.

1999 French translation, by Éditions 10/18, Philippe Blanchard, translator.

1999 Greek translation

1999 G.K. Hall & Co. Large Print Edition, Thorndike, Maine.

1999 Spanish translation, by José Manuel Álvarez Flórez, Torre de Viento, Barcelona.

1999 Turkish translation, Düzülke, translated by Hasan Fehmi Nemli, Ayraç Yayinevi, Ankara.

2000 Dry Bones Press Edition.

2000 Hebrew translation, translated by Lia Nirgad, with an afterword by ????

2006 Filiquarian Publishing Edition.