The Literary News (March 1885), p. 85.

Flantland : a romance of many dimensions; by a square;
with illustrations by the author. Roberts.
16°. 75c.

``A well-known English writer has published anonymously an amusing little book called Flatland : a Romance of Many Dimensions, by A. Square. It is an effective satire on social differences, and on the assumption of absolute knowledge. The characters are geometrical figures. The scenes include Pointland, the country of no dimension; Lineland, the place of one dimension; Flatland, where two dimensions are known, and a third is considered impossible; and Spaceland, where three dimensions are essential to existence, but where those who believe in a fourth are called insane. The geometrical inhabitants of all these regions have social ambition, immense conceit, positive views in regard to woman and education, and in each phase of life there is absolute disbelief in the possibility of anything broader or better. The book is full of light, good-natured mockery and absurd extravagances. The believers in a fourth dimension, which explains the phenomena of Spiritualism, may find some comfort in it, and may be able to grasp the idea of a fifth, sixth, and seventh dimension. All solid men and women who read the book will lay it down with a feeling of gratitude that they live in a land of three dimensions, and will cling to their, it may be narrow, skepticism in regard to a fourth." --- Boston Advertiser