Resignation Letter, Page 2

To discharge these responsibilities, after upwards of three and twenty years of service, I no longer feel fully competent. Were I to attempt the task, the kindness of the Court towards me who has served them for a considerable period to the best of his ability, would I dare say, tolerate me for another five, or even for another ten years. But the past history and the high reputation of the school preclude me from thus trespassing upon tolerance. One who is content to be tolerated is probably not fit to be the Headmaster of any school, and certainly not of that which bears the name of the City of London.

In the hope that the prosperity which has attended the schoool for the last fifty years may continue without a break, and with every expression of respect and gratitude to the Court for their unvarying support and encouragement of the school, I beg to place my resignation in their hands.

I have the honour to be, My Lord Mayor,

Your Lordship's most obedient servant

Edwin A. Abbott.