Willow Road

Hampstead N.W.

19 Dec. 1890

Dear Mr. Garnett:

I am very much obliged by your kind thoughtfulness in giving me the first offer of the letters from my father to Mr. Edwards; and if I had by me any other collections of letters from him I should certainly avail myself of your kindness: but, whether wisely or not, I hardly know, I have of late made it a rule to destroy all letters from relations and personal friends, and indeed almost all letters of every kind. I did this about two or three years ago, partly because I was moving into a small house from a large one and was straitened for room; partly because I have quite a genius for forgetting where papers are placed, and also for misplacing them, and partly from a dislike that they should fall into inappreciative hands. For these reasons I do not take advantage of your offer; but I thank you for it all the same very heartily.

I remember hearing my father speak of Mr. Edwards, when I was quite a boy. I should think he had genuine ability, perhaps a little more ability than tact.

Believe me with many thanks

Yours very truly,

Edwin A. Abbott