City of London School

Milk Street

Cheapside, E.C.

1 June 1878


Dear Mr. Vice Chancellor

I am emboldened to send you the enclosed note by finding that my suggestion herein contained, met with a favorable reception at Oxford, where I was lately staying with the Vice Chancellor. Besides mentioning it to him, I spoke of it also to Dr. Bradley, Professor Henry Smith; and all seemed to think it practicable.

We have lately established a Training College for Women, but at present the young teachers say, "We can get good posts without being trained; and there is no recognition of the value of training; why therefore put themselves to the cost of it?" But if we could only have some assurance, formal or informal, that the University could do something for us in the way of examining our students -- all would then do well.

I am, Dear Vice Chancellor

Very Sincerely yours,

Edwin A. Abbott