Crossword Puzzle for Tom Banchoff

A present from the Hughes family on his birthday

How to play:

1) The current word you are working on is highlighted in yellow.
2) The current letter is highlighted in cyan.
3) Click on any letter to move to that word.
4) <spacebar> switches between across and down. It pivots around the current letter.
5) <back space> erases the current letter.
6) Incorrect letters are drawn in red.

"All About Tom"

ACROSS1.  Clumsy one4.  Memo heading7.  Catch-all abbr.10. Menu words11. Cloistered woman12. Cheap wood14. Student's concern17. Partner to Hom and Ext18. Cautious around killer whales?19. Keats' concern21. His life's study24. Digit type25. Fr. technical school26. Orr's org.27. Relate harmoniously31. Things in a list35. Very wide shoes36. Town SSW of Albuquerque38. My ___39. Computer loc'ns40. Carry with41. Tax grp.42. His Thursday lunch companion44. Logan inits.45. A single-malt scotch source47. Inner ____48. German letter50. ___ Khan51. Roman road52. Off kilter53. Forewarning54. Modern detective story's inventor's middle name56. Most famous work of 7 down58. Faint60. Balkan life-science org. (sorry)61. Wood bit64. Himself69. Yours and mine70. Sodium _____71. Thai language73. _____ In Black74. Laugh derisively75. How his students should address him76. E follower77. Vaccine triple (abbr.)78. ___ Men79. Newt     DOWN1.  Horse's delight2.  Up the mast3.  Island NW for Shetlands (var.)4.  Projects with his students5.  Asian teepee6.  Small distance7.  His most-studied author8.  Powerful union9.  Food relief org.13. (see  33 Down)14. Feeling of culpability15. Ora ___ nobis16. His second19. Gulf port22. Not looked at23. His advisor28. Most desert-like29. William J. Donovan's WWII Org.30. Mr. Yale32. Director Kazan33. With 13 down, his third34. Relation of 16 down to 64 down37. WWII coding machine42. Place to just visit43. Russian mountain44. Painful dive46. Sailor's cry47. ___ Braun49. IC socket type50. Prodigy competitor55. Decorate57. Russian ruler59. Fluids and perception expert62. Whither shall ______ from thy presence? -- Ps 139:763. German mathematician, onetime teacher of Gauss64. His first65. Color66. Wearing footgear67. Gaithersburg Gov't Org.68. Cato's 40272. Frequently