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The Ladies of Group 5

We (Brigid, Isabelle, and Kate) created this site as our final project for Math 8, The Mathematical Way of Thinking, an exciting interdisciplinary course at Brown University. In this site we hope to convey one of the many way of seeing mathematically, and how to use that sight to see patterns in the natural world around us.

Together we brainstormed and refined our angle of approach and themes. From there, Brigid and Isabelle did the wonderful writing snippets and Kate pulled "bound the book" with some design and computer tricks.

Thank you, Professor Banchoff and Deborah, our cool Art-Math TA, for bringing this amazing interdisciplinary topic to life.

Photo of Brigid    Brigid

Brigid has been interested in the Fibonacci sequence since eighth grade when she had a fabulously Fibonacci-obsessed math teacher!

Her favorite part of doing this project is how she can't walk through the produce aisle of the grocery store now without seeing 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8...

Photo of Isabelle  Isabelle

I knew virtually nothing about the Fibonacci Sequence before embarking on this project, but its tangibility in the natural world around me was easily intriguing. I also especially enjoyed discovering the use of Phi and the Fibonacci Sequence in art and architecture.

I worked on the research and writing of several of the pages including the background of Fibonacci and its mathematical meaning, and the way these patterns are exhibited in the human form and human creation.

Photo of Kate    Kate

The nature theme appealed to Kate because she's enamored with images, loves an excuse to work outdoors, and wanted to create a snazzy website to capture the joy of Math 8!

Her official titles for this project were Collector of Vegetable Jpegs, Chief
Pineapple Slicer, and Department Head of Lost Web Links. In addition to the web work, she also helped read and edit the text.