Web page of Benoît Pausader


Benoît Pausader,
Associate professor,
Mathematics department, Brown University,
Office 315, Kassar House, 151 thayer street,
Providence, RI 02912.
You can contact me at benoit.pausader"@"math.brown.edu.

Fields of interest:
Nonlinear dispersive equations:
- Fourth order equations, see here for more information.
- Dispersive equations and geometry
Fluid mechanics:
- water waves
- Euler-Maxwell equations, here for more information.
- Lubrication and thin films.


Papers and preprints

Here, you can download my CV.

Other links:
Some friends: Christophe Lacave, Evelyne Miot were student with me, Jérome Vétois, also a student of Emmanuel Hebey, Zaher Hani was my office-mate in NYU.
The web page of T.Tao always full of useful information.
A great association: Math.En.Jean.
The Société Mathématique de France (SMF).
The Fondation science mathematiques de Paris.
The American Mathematical Society.
Finally Arxiv.