Brian Freidin

Graduate Student
Brown University

Contact Info

Department of Mathematics
Box 1917
Brown University
151 Thayer Street
Providence, RI 02912

Office: Kassar House 013
Email: bfreidin [at] math [dot] brown [dot] edu

About Me

I am a fifth year graduate student at Brown University working under the supervision of George Daskalopoulos. I plan on graduating in May 2018.


I am mostly interested in harmonic maps, especially with singular targets. I am particularly interested in questions of rigidity for harmonic maps to certain classes of spaces of curvature bounded above. I am also working on projects related to free boundary minimal surfaces.


Fall 2014 - TA, Math 100 Calc 2
Spring 2015 - TA, Math 90 Calc 1
Fall 2015 - TF, Math 170 AP Calc 2
Spring 2016 - TF, Math 100 Calc 2
Fall 2016 - TF, Math 520 Linear Algebra


A Liouville-ype theorem and Bochner formula for maps into metric spaces
Free Boundary Minimal Surfaces in the Unit Ball with Low Cohomogeneity
A Bochner Formula for Harmonic Maps into Non-Positively Curved Metric Spaces
Sharp Area Bounds for Free Boundary Minimal Surfaces in Conformally Euclidean Balls