Joint meeting of the AMS, DMV, and ÖMG

Special session in algebraic geometry
Brendan Hassett and Yuri Tschinkel, organizers
Staudinger Weg 9, Institute of Mathematics, room 04-224 (4th floor)

Session I: Thursday June 16, 13:00-15.30

13:00-13:50: Manfred Lehn, Singular symplectic moduli spaces

14:00-14:25: Alexander Schmitt, Singular Principal Bundles on Algebraic Varieties

14:30-14:55: Stefan Schroeer, Kummer surfaces in characteristic two

15:00-15:25: Bernd Kreussler, Stability conditions on irreducible singular curves of genus one.

Session II: Thursday June 16, 16:00-18:30

16:00-16:50: Kang Zuo, Arakelov inequalities and the uniformization of certain rigid Shimura varieties

17:00-17:25: Adrian Vasiu, Projective integral models of Shimura varieties of Hodge type with compact factors

17:30-17:55: Thiruvalloor Eesanaipaadi Venkata Balaji, Canonical Representations of Orthogonal Groups of Line-Bundle-Valued Ternary Quadratic Bundles over Schemes with Applications

18:00-18:25: Arsen Elkin, Hyperelliptic Jacobians with Real Multiplication

Session III: Friday June 17, 13:30-16:00

13:30-14:20: Marc Levine, Motivic tubular neighborhoods

14:30-14:55: Frank-Olaf Schreyer, An experimental approach to numerical Godeaux surfaces

15:00-15:25: Hans-Christian Graf v. Bothmer, Experimental Results for the Poincaré Center Problem

CANCELLED 15:30-15:55: Yongnam Lee, Stability of tri-canonical curves of genus 2

Session IV: Friday June 17, 16.30-19:00

16:30-16:55: Andreas Gathmann, Relative Gromov-Witten invariants and tropical geometry

17:00-17:25: Milena Hering, Asymptotic cohomological functions of toric divisors

17:30-17:55: Ralph Kaufmann, Stringy K-theory and stringy (quantum) cohomology for varieties with a finite group action

18:00-18:50: Andras Szenes, Cohomology of toric varieties and tropical calculus