Brendan Hassett: Teaching Experience

Rice University

Spring 2002

Math 464, Algebra II: study of groups, rings, fields, and vector spaces; includes matrices, determinants, eigenvalues, canonical forms, and multilinear algebra, as well as the structure theorem for finitely generated Abelian groups and the Galois theory
Math 465, Topics in Algebra, Introduction to computational algebraic geometry: Gröbner bases, Buchberger algorithm, ideal membership problem, affine and projective varieties, resultants, Nullstellensatz, and the Bezout Theorem

Fall 2001

Math 211, Ordinary Differential Equations and Linear Algebra: analytic methods, numerical techniques, and qualitative tools for understanding ordinary differential equations; matrix algebra

Chinese University of Hong Kong, Institute of Mathematical Sciences

Spring 2001

Graduate course, Introduction to Algebraic Geometry II: elements of graded algebras and modules, coherent sheaves, sheaf cohomology, families of algebraic varieties, and Gröbner bases

Fall 2000

Graduate course, Introduction to Algebraic Geometry I: Nullstellensatz, affine and projective varieties, dimension, normalization, and examples

University of Chicago

Spring 1999

Math 255, Basic Algebra II: basic properties of unique factorization domains, principal ideal domains, and abstract linear algebra
Math 256, Basic Algebra III: Jordan canonical form, similarity of matrices, properties of finite fields, and Galois theory

Spring 1998

Graduate course, Hodge Theory and Algebraic Geometry: an introduction to variations of Hodge structure and the geometry of period domains, with applications to rationality questions

Winter 1998

Math 175, Elementary Number Theory: basic properties of congruences, the division algorithm, continued fractions, and Pell's equation

Spring 1997

Math 204, Analysis in Rn II: topological properties of metric spaces and Rn, linear transformations, and the definition and applications of the derivative
Math 263, Introduction to Algebraic Topology: classification of Riemann surfaces, the definition of the fundamental group, and the theory of covering spaces

Fall 1996

Math 203, Analysis in Rn I: basic elements of logic and proofs, limits, continuous functions, and linear transformations
Math 250, Elementary Linear Algebra: the theory of matrices and linear transformations, with an emphasis on computational methods and applications

Harvard University

Spring 1996

Math 253, Étale Cohomology: Course assistant for A. J. de Jong

Spring 1995

Math 21B, Linear Algebra and Differential Equations: introduction to linear algebra, including linear transformations and determinants, eigenvalues and eigenvectors; ordinary differential equations and systems and their solution; applications.

Fall 1994

Math 269, Topics in Algebraic Geometry: Course assistant for Joe Harris

Spring 1994

Math 1A, Introduction to Calculus: differential calculus of algebraic, logarithmic, and trigonometric functions with applications; an introduction to integration