Math 221: Honors Calculus III

MWF 11:00AM, HB 227

Brendan Hassett
Herman Brown 402
(713) 348-5261
Office hours: M 9:00, W 3:00, F 2:00 and by appointment

Goals:To achieve a good working knowledge of vector calculus through solving problems, and an appreciation of theoretical issues underlying problem-solving techniques. While we will not prove every theorem used in class (this is the task of Math 321-322), we will prove a lot. You will learn to grasp the logical structure of a theorem-its essential hypotheses and conclusions-and how they apply in specific situations. We will pay special attention to careful formulations of mathematical definitions, like the derivative of a function, which are not always emphasized in first-year calculus.

Prerequisites: A good yearlong course in differential and integral calculus

Textbook: Honors Calculus III and IV, by Frank Jones
available from Maxine Turner in the Math Department office (Herman Brown 220) for a nominal fee
Supplementary linear algebra notes

Daily problem sets (45%): Due each class starting Wednesday August 24. They should be turned in during class. Homework assignments are not pledged. You are strongly encouraged to work together, though each student should write up her/his own submission.

Midterm exam (20%): A closed-book 80-minute take-home test, to be taken sometime between Friday, September 30 and Monday, October 3.

Final exam (35%): A closed-book three-hour take-home exam.

Any student with a documented disability needing academic adjustments or accommodations is requested to speak with me during the first two weeks of class. All discussions will remain confidential. Students with disabilities will need to also contact Disability Support Services in the Ley Student Center.