Dori Bejleri

About me

I'm currently an NSF postdoctoral fellow at MIT. Starting Fall 2019, I will be a Benjamin Peirce and NSF postdoctoral fellow at Harvard University. I received my PhD in 2018 from Brown University under the supervision of Dan Abramovich.

Contact Info

Department of Mathematics
77 Massachusetts Avenue
Cambridge, MA 02139

dbejleri [at] university [dot] edu

Curriculum Vitae


I'm mainly interested in algebraic geometry -- specifically moduli spaces and birational geometry with connections to enumerative geometry, combinatorics and geometric representation theory.

One of my current focuses is on compactifying moduli spaces of surfaces using ideas from the minimal model program. More specifically, I'm studying surfaces that admit a fibration to a smooth curve. Using the theory of twisted stable maps to Deligne-Mumford stacks, one can construct natural degenerations of such fibered surfaces and apply them to compactify moduli spaces by KSBA stable pairs.

My other current focus is on the combinatorial and enumerative geometry of moduli spaces of sheaves, and particularly Hilbert schemes of points. I'm interested in the rich interplay between partition combinatorics and the geometry of Hilbert schemes of points on smooth surfaces and surface orbifolds. I'm also interested in the structure of Hilbert schemes of points on singular curves, espcially generalizing results about planar curves to larger embedding dimension and connections with curve counting on threefolds. I'd also like to understand tropicalizations of these moduli spaces.

Papers and preprints

  1. Compact moduli of elliptic K3 surfaces. (With Kenny Ascher).
  2. Stable pairs with a twist and gluing morphism for moduli of surfaces. (With Giovanni Inchiostro).
  3. Stable pair compactifications of the moduli space of degree one del pezzo surfaces via elliptic fibrations. (With Kenny Ascher). Submitted.
  4. The Hilbert zeta function is constructible in families of curves. Draft.
  5. Motivic Hilbert zeta functions of curves are rational. (With Dhruv Ranganathan & Ravi Vakil). J. Inst. Math. Jussieu. To appear.
  6. The SYZ conjecture via homological mirror symmetry. Superschool on derived categories and D-branes. Springer Proceedings in Mathematics & Statistics.
  7. Moduli of weighted stable elliptic surfaces and invariance of log plurigenera. (With Kenny Ascher). Submitted.
  8. Moduli of fibered surface pairs from twisted stable maps. (With Kenny Ascher). Math. Annalen. To appear.
  9. Log canonical models of elliptic surfaces. (With Kenny Ascher). Advances in Mathematics. Volume 320 (2017), 210-243.
  10. The tangent space of the punctual Hilbert scheme. (With David Stapleton). Mich. Math. J. Volume 66 (2017), no. 3, 595 - 610.
  11. The topology of equivariant Hilbert schemes. (With Gjergji Zaimi).
  12. Quantum field theory over F1. (With Matilde Marcolli). Journal of Geometry and Physics. Volume 69 (2013), 40 – 59.


Instructor for Math 0090: Introductory Calculus I Spring 2018. Section webpage.

Instructor for Math 0100: Introductory Calculus II Spring 2017. Section webpage.

Teaching assistant for Math 0090: Introductory Calculus I Fall 2015.


Notes on $A_{\mathrm{inf}}$ and perfectoid rings from a learning workshop on integral p-adic hodge theory.

Notes from a talk given at Brown in February of 2016 on motivic Hilbert zeta functions.

These are notes on the geometry of the Hilbert scheme of points on $\mathbb{A}^2$ for the Brown Graduate Student Seminar. They are aimed at first year graduate students.

Here are some rough notes from my talk on cohomology of equivariant Hilbert schemes. There may be some "typos".

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Previously, I was studying math at Caltech and spending my time in Ricketts House.

This is a picture of me and my beautiful wife and our dog Grizzly.

I also like playing music and I'm a big fan of eSports.