Special Session on Arithmetic Dynamics
Joint Math Meetings – San Francisco – January 2010
Organizers: Rafe Jones, Michelle Manes, Joe Silverman

Arthur Baragar Some fractals associated to K3 surfaces
Robert Benedetto Towards Dynamical Uniform Boundedness for Rational Functions
Laura DeMarco Preperiodic points: from algebraic to complex
Xander Faber Critical Points of Non-Archimedean Dynamical Systems on the Projective Line
Dragos Ghioca The dynamical Manin-Mumford problem (Joint with Tucker)
Liang-Chung Hsia On dynamical zeta functions for polynomial maps over p-adic fields
Benjamin Hutz On the Number of Rational Pre-Images Under Quadratic Dynamical Systems
Patrick Ingram Multipliers of periodic cycles for cubic polynomials
Raphael Jones Discriminants and Galois groups for iterated rational functions
Shu Kawaguchi Local and global canonical height functions for affine space regular automorphisms
Alon Levy Rationality of the Space of Morphisms on P1
Jonathan Lubin Torsion points of higher order in the Nottingham group
Michelle Manes Galois theory of quadratic rational functions with a non-trivial automorphism
Jang-Woo Park Dynamics of f(x) = x + 1/x via Elliptic Curves
Clayton Petsche A Dynamical Pairing Between Two Rational Maps
Thomas Scanlon Dynamical Mordell-Lang results via Euclidean uniformizations
Thomas Tucker The dynamical Manin-Mumford problem. (Joint with Ghioca)
Jose Felipe Voloch A Local-Global Criterion for Dynamics on P1

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