Elementary Number Theory Calculator

Four Basic Functions & Modular Arithmetic

Type numbers in the X and Y boxes and press the button next to the desired operation to display the result in the Z box. You can store intermediate values by clicking the button to move them into or out of the W register. Enter a nonzero number for the modulus m if you want all computations to be done modulo m. There is a running history of your calculations at the bottom of the page.

X  = 
Y  = 

Modulus m  = 

Basic Operations
Z = X + Y Z = X - Y
Z = X * Y Z = [X / Y]
Z = X mod Y
Move Values Between Registers
  X ← Z   Y ← Z   X ↔ Y   Z ↔ W
GCD's and Modular Arithmetic
Z = gcd(X,Y) Z = Extended gcd(X,Y)
Z = X-1 (mod m) Z = XY (mod m)

Z  = 
W  = 

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