Jonah Leshin

J[last name]
Brown University
Department of Mathematics
Sciences Library Office 1019

I'm a fifth year student studying number theory with Joe Silverman. Specifically, I'm interested in algebraic number theory, Galois representations, and arithmetic geometry.
Here is my CV. pdf

Mathematical Writing
On the degree of irrationality in Noether's problem, submitted pdf
On infinite class field towers ramified at three primes link
Solvable Artin representations ramified at one prime link
Solvable number field extensions of bounded root discriminant link
The Noncontinuous Double Dual of an Infinite Abelian Group pdf
Green Rings and Burnside Rings (Part III essay at Cambridge) pdf
Derived Functors and Group Cohomology (expository) pdf
lim_(x-->0) sin(1/x) (for intro calculus students) pdf

Spring 2014: Math 60 Analytic Geometry and Calculus
Fall 2012: Math 520 Linear Algebra.

Teaching Portfolio pdf

For fun, I write about the New England Patriots here.