Schedule of Talks

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Thursday, March 20

opening (9:15-9:30) Steve Halperin, Dean
speaker (9:30-10:30) Shrawan Kumar abstract (pdf) title On Cachazo-Douglas-Witten Conjecture for Simple Lie Algebras speaker (11:00-12:00) Prakash Belkale abstract title Generalizations of the Horn and saturation conjectures speaker (2:00-3:00) Chris Woodward abstract title Spherical Polygons and knot homology speaker (3:30-4:30) Edward Richmond abstract title Recursive Structures in the Cohomology of Flag Varieties

Friday, March 21

speaker (9:30-10:30) Madabusi S. Ragunathan abstract title On the first Betti Number of hyperbolic manifolds speaker (11:00-12:00) Jens Funke abstract title Special cohomology classes arising from the Weil representation. (no talks Friday afternoon)

Saturday, March 22

speaker (9:15-10:15) Steve Kudla abstract title Arithmetic cycles on Shimura varieties for unitary groups speaker (10:45-11:45) Ravi Vakil abstract title Murphy's law in algebraic geometry: Badly-behaved moduli spaces speaker (1:30-2:30) Peter Littelmann abstract title Superbozonization of invariant matrix ensembles speaker (3:00-4:00) Roger Howe abstract title Napoleon's theorem, Pompeiu's Theorem, and the hexagonal wallpaper group. speaker (4:30-5:30) Andrew Snowden abstract title The equations of the GIT quotient (P^1)^n/(GL(2))

Sunday, March 23

speaker (9:30-10:30) Ben Howard abstract title Weight rings in type A and Gelfant Tsetlin patterns speaker (11:00-12:00) Bill Goldman title Deforming discrete groups in Lie groups: a personal/historical overvierw.