Math 1260: Complex Analysis

Image of grid lines under sin(z).

Professor Richard Kenyon
Tel. 863-6406
rkenyon -at- math dot brown dot edu
office: Kassar 304
Office hours: Mondays 12:30-1:30 or by appointment

Text: T. Gamelin, Complex Analysis (isbn 978-0-387-95069-3)

Course outline: Topics include the complex numbers, trigonometric functions and exponentials, derivatives and analyticity, contour integration and Cauchy's theorem, series, singularities and residues. We will cover most of the material in chapters 1-7, and some material of chapters 8-11.

There will be homeworks collected weekly and one midterm. The final grade will be weighted as follows: Homework 35%, midterm 20%, final 45%.


Late homework will not be accepted. The lowest homework grade will be dropped.
It is expected that your homework should involve up to 10 hours of work per week. If you are spending considerably more time than this, let me know.

Homework 1: due Tuesday Sept 18
Page 4: 1e,1f,1h,1j, 5, 6, 7
Page 9-10: 1a,1c, 1d, 3

Homework 2: due Tuesday Sept 25
Page 18: 1,2a,2b,4c
Page 21: 2, 4
Page 24: 2,3
Page 28: 6,8
Page 31: 4

Check out this video about sqrt(z)