Math 1620: Mathematical Statistics

"There are no data that cannot be plotted on a straight line if the axes are chosen correctly. "

Professor Richard Kenyon
Tel. 863-6406
rkenyon -at-
office: Kassar 304
Office hours: TBA

Isaac Solomon
Tel. 863-XXXX
yitzchak_solomon -at-
office: Kassar XXX
Office hours: TBA

Texts: Larsen and Marx, An Introduction to Mathematical Statistics and its Applications, 5th ed.
Pattern Recognition and Machine Learning, C. Bishop

Course outline: The first part of the course will cover Estimation, Hypothesis Testing and Regression from a rigorous point of view. The second will focus on data analysis, pattern recognition, classification, discriminant analysis and other topics as time permits. The course will be taught by Richard Kenyon and Isaac Solomon.

There will be homeworks collected weekly and one midterm. The final grade will be weighted as follows: Homework 35%, midterm 20%, final 45%.


Late homework will not be accepted. The lowest homework grade will be dropped.
It is expected that your homework should involve up to 10 hours of work per week.

Homework 1: