Math 19

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Instructors: Samuel S. Watson and Laura Walton
TAs: Zhiyuan Zhang and David Ha

Office hours (Kassar 312): Monday 11:00-12:00, Wednesday 15:00-16:00, or by appointment

Laura's office hours (Kassar 014): Tuesday and Wednesday 16:00-17:00, Friday 15:00-16:00

Zhiyuan's office hours (Kassar 019): Monday and Tuesday 10:30 to 11:30


18:00—20:00 October 19 and November 16

106 Smith-Buonanno Hall

Midterm I topics list

Midterm I practice exam [solutions]

Midterm I [solutions]

Midterm II topics list

Midterm II practice exam [solutions]

Midterm II [solutions]

Makeup midterms I II

Practice Final [solutions]

Final topics list

Extra practice with Fourier DE problems

Final Exam Solutions

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Homework 1 [solutions]

Homework 2 [solutions]

Homework 3 [solutions]

Homework 4 [solutions]

Homework 5 [solutions]

Homework 6 [solutions]

Homework 7 [solutions]

Homework 8 [solutions]

Homework 9 [solutions]

Homework 10 [solutions]

Homework 11 [solutions]


Quiz 1 [solutions]

Quiz 2 [solutions]

Quiz 3 [solutions]

Quiz 4 [solutions]

Quiz 5 [solutions]

Quiz 6 [solutions]

Quiz 7 [solutions]

Quiz 8 [solutions]

Quiz 9 [solutions]

Recitation Worksheets

Week 6 [solutions]

Week 7 [solutions]

Week 8 [solutions]

Week 9 [solutions]

Week 10 [solutions]

Week 11 [solutions]


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Sage and Wolfram|Alpha