Brown University's
Department of Mathematics
Graduate Student Seminar
Spring 2004
Tuesdays and Thursdays 4pm Kassar 105

Algebra/Number Theory: Mike King and Mike Joyce.
Geometry/Topology: Graeme Wilkin.
Analysis/PDE: Mike Lauzon and Brett Wick.
Miscellaneous: Karen Acquista.

Instead of having a graduate student seminar for each discipline, we have formed a departmental seminar series that combines all major areas of interest in the department. Talks will rotate between algebra and number theory, geometry and topology, and analysis and partial differential equations. We also include talks from areas closely related such as the history of mathematics and areas in applied mathematics. The goal of the seminar is to provide an opportunity for the graduate students to share information that they have learned, be exposed to mathematics outside their field of interest, and provide an opportunity for the graduate students to give talks.

Seminars are held on Tuesday and Thursday, and are typically given by graduate students, with the occasional talk by visiting scholars and current faculty. Talks can vary from introductory material that is understandable by a first year graduate student to more advanced topics that older students and faculty may find of interest.

We would especially like to encourage talks about mathematics that arise in different fields of study. If you are interested in giving a talk, please contact one of the organizers above pertaining to the field of math that you would like to speak about. Below is a schedule for the current semeseter. Clicking on the title of a talk will take you to an abstract. You can also see the the talks that were given last semester here.

Tuesday Seminar, 4PM Kassar 105 Thursday Seminar, 4PM Kassar 105
2/3 No Speaker Tamarkin Job Talk
2/10 Graeme Wilkin An Introduction to Morse Theory
2/17 No Speaker Senior Search Seminar
2/24 No Speaker Long Weekend
3/2 George Daskalopoulos Trees: some geometric aspects
3/9 Qinqxue Wang The Remarkable Dilogarithm
3/16 No Speaker Department Distinguished Lecture
3/23 Russ Mann TBA
3/30 No Speaker Spring Break
4/6 Ben Hutz Counting solutions to equations and a Theorem due to Gauss
4/13 Minh Ha Quang Reproducing Kernel Hilbert Spaces
4/20 Yulong Xing Upwind Scheme for Shallow Water Equation
4/27 No Speaker
2/5 Brett Wick The Weighted Cauchy Transform
2/12 No Speaker Senior Search Seminar
2/19 Ben Walter The Joy of Sets
2/26 Kate Stange Conway's Sensual Quadratic Form
3/4 No Speaker
3/11 No Speaker
3/18 Alex Izzo An introduction to polynomial and rational approximation
3/25 No Speaker
4/1 No Speaker Spring Break
4/8 No Speaker
4/15 Mike King Orders, Lattices, and Quadratic Forms
4/22 Walter Strauss Stability
4/29 Louis Nirenberg Solving Nonlinear Problems
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