Brown University's
Department of Mathematics
Graduate Student Seminar
Fall 2008
Tuesday 5:30-6:30, except as noted- Kassar 105

Supreme Dictator/Coordinator: Matt Spencer

Dictator in Waiting/Overthrow Planner: Hatice Sahinoglu

Instead of having a graduate student seminar for each discipline, we have formed a departmental seminar series that combines all major areas of interest in the department. Talks will rotate between algebra and number theory, geometry and topology, and analysis and partial differential equations. We also include talks from areas closely related such as the history of mathematics and areas in applied mathematics. The goal of the seminar is to provide an opportunity for the graduate students to share information that they have learned, be exposed to mathematics outside their field of interest, and provide an opportunity for the graduate students to give talks.

Seminars this semester will be held on Tuesday; they are typically given by graduate students, with the occasional talk by visiting scholars and current faculty. Talks can vary from introductory material to more advanced topics; however, all talks are intended to be at least partially approachable by first year graduate students.

We would especially like to encourage talks about mathematics that arise in different fields of study. If you are interested in giving a talk, please contact the seminar's coordinator. Below is a schedule for the current semester. Clicking on the title of a talk will take you to an abstract. You can also see the the talks that were given last year here and here. Note: The schedule (including "No Speaker" days) is preliminary and subject to change.

9/9 Steffen Marcus A Beginner's Guide to Enumerative Geometry
9/16 Matt Spencer Weil's Converse Theorem
9/23 Sunil Chhita Cool Pictures in Probability
9/30 Joris Bastiaan Weimar The strange universe of p-adic numbers
Special Wednesday Seminar
Foxboro Auditorium
10/1 Tom Goodwillie The Calculus of Functors Part II (continued from the previous weeks colloquium)
10/7 Noah Giansiracusa Smooth Cubic Surfaces
10/14 Conni Liaw Why do we care about Radon Measures?
10/21 Ben Wieland A proof that Euler missed
10/28 Benoit Pausader On the Yamabe Problem
11/4 Chong Gyu Lee (Joey) An Elementary View of the Resolution of Singularities
11/11 Ali Gokturk Course Geometry of the Curve Complex and the Teichmuller Space
  11/18 Donghoon Park TBA
11/25 Thomas Hulse It Is Hip to Be Square
Special Thursday Seminar 12/4 Hatice Sahinoglu From Fermat's Last Theorem to the Birch Swinnerton-Dyer Conjecture (but not everything in between)
12/9 Yunhui Wu Critical Point Theory
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