Applied Geometry and Topology: I am currently working with Steve Oudot on a homology-based embedding of metric graphs in the barcode space, and applications to share comparison. Paper in preperation.

Geometric Topology: I spent part of the summer of 2015 working under Jean-Marc Schlenker at the University of Luxembourg on extending the construction of the renormalized volume, and its applications to Teichmuller space, to the case of 3-manifolds with particles. This work is ongoing.

Seminars Organized: Together with Melissa McGuirl, I am organizing the Brown Applied Topology and Geometry Seminar.

I was the organizer of the junior geometry and topology seminar from 2014-2016. The seminar was named AGREGATE: A Graduate Student Established Geometry and Topology Experience. We held regular research talks and a reading course in Lie Theory.

Undergraduate Research: I've participated in three REUs.

Summer 2011: I participated in RIPS (Research in Industrial Projects for Students) LA, where our team worked on Standard & Poor's project of modeling financial contagion.

Summer 2012: I did a VIGRE REU at UCLA with Prof. Liam Watson studying left-orderable groups in topology, particularly as fundamental groups of 3-manifolds obtained via Dehn Surgery.

Summer 2013: I participated in RIPS HK, centered at HKUST in Clear Water Bay, Kowloon, Hong Kong. My team worked for eBroker on quantitiative portfolio construction algorithms.

Curriculum Vitae