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Number Theory/Arithmetic Geometry at Brown University

Brown has a strong and diverse group of number theorists and algebraic geometers whose work encompasses a wide variety of areas, including especially arithmetic geometry and analytic number theory. Arithmetic geometry is the study of number theoretic problems via a combination of techniques from algebraic number theory and differential and algebraic geometry; recent faculty research projects include Diophantine equations, elliptic curves, special values of zeta and L-functions, and motives, and motivic cohomology. Analytic number theory, especially the theory of modular and automorphic forms, is also a hot topic at Brown. In this subject, number theoretic quantities are encoded into analytic functions, and then methods from real and complex analysis and representation theory are used to analyze the functions and extract further number theoretic information. In addition to the regular faculty members whose main research interests are in the number theory or closely related fields, there are frequent visitors and a weekly number theory/algebraic geometry seminar as well as a graduate student seminar.
Participating Faculty
Dan Abramovich Professor, Ph.D. Harvard, 1991
Melody Chan Assistant Professor, Ph.D. UC Berkeley, 2012
Brendan Hassett Professor, Ph.D. Harvard, 2006
Jeffrey Hoffstein Professor, Ph.D. MIT, 1978
Alan Landman Professor, Ph.D. Berkeley, 1967
Stephen Lichtenbaum Professor, Ph.D. Harvard, 1964
Jonathan D. Lubin Professor (Emeritus), Ph.D. Harvard, 1963
Nathan Pflueger Tamarkin Assistant Professor, Ph.D. Harvard, 2014
Michael I. Rosen Professor (Emeritus), Ph.D. Princeton, 1963
Joseph H. Silverman Professor, Ph.D. Harvard, 1982


Algebra/Number Theory Seminar:

The Brown Algebra/Number Theory Seminar meets from 4:00-5:00 PM on Monday afternoons when school is in session. A wide range of speakers is featured each semester. Tea is served in the Davis Room at 3:30 PM before the talk.

Algebra and Algebraic Geometry Seminars

Course Offerings in Number Theory and Related Topics

Links to Number Theory Sites

  • Number Theory Web: (American Site) A treasure trove of links to people, articles, and news related to number theory.
  • Number Theory ArXiv: Recent abstracts and preprints of number theoretic articles.

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