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DRP Library

The DRP has a small library of books that have been used in the past (or books we know will be good) for projects.  Please see Carol Oliveira in room 203 if you'd like to check out any of these books.

Mostly Surface by Schwartz (1)

Project Origami by Hull (1)

Spectra of Graphs by Brower and Haemers (1)

An Introduction to Sieve Methods and their Applications by Cojocaru and Murty (1)

Three Dimensional Geometry and Topology by Thurston (1)

Enumerative Geometry and String Theory by Katz (2)

An Introduction to Stochastic Differential Equations by Evans (2)

Differential Topology by Guillemin and Pollack (1)

Computing the Continuous Discretely by Beck and Robins (1)

Proofs from the Book by Aigner and Ziegler (1)

Introduction to Knot Theory by Lickorish (1)

The Knot Book by Adams (1)

Category Theory in Context by Riehl (2)

Introduction to Graph Theory by Trudeau (2)

Fourier Analysis by Stein and Shakarchi (1)

Geometry and Billiards by Tabachnikov (1)

Undergraduate Commutative Algebra by Reid (1)

Introduction to Smooth Manifolds by Lee (2)

The Four Pillars of Geometry by Stillwell (2)

An Invitation to Algebraic Geometry by Smith et al. (2)