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Graduate Program

The mathematics graduate program is primarily a Ph.D. program designed to prepare especially able students for a career in mathematical research and college teaching. The relatively small enrollment of about 40 students permits small classes and close contact with the faculty. Qualified students receive financial aid up to 5 years, primarily through teaching assistantships. There are also several fellowships for entering students and research assistantships for advanced students.

Applicants should have a good background in undergraduate mathematics, regardless of their majors. They should submit GRE scores (General Test and Subject Test in mathematics). International students whose native language is not English must submit TOEFL scores. Students who have a background in advanced mathematics will find our program quite flexible. Visits to Brown and direct communication with the graduate representative are strongly encouraged. The deadline for our receipt of application material and letters of recommendation is January 1, 2017. Admission and financial aid awards are usually announced by the middle of March.

The core courses are in Differentiable Manifolds, Real Functions, Complex Functions, Algebra, and Topology. Other courses offered each year are in P.D.E., Probability, Algebraic Geometry, Number Theory, and Differential Geometry. Advanced courses change from year to year.

Research Facilities. We are housed in an attractive building with space for all the graduate students, as well as extensive computing facilities. The library contains one of the finest mathematical collections of the world.

Seminars. In addition to the weekly Mathematics Colloquium, there are regular seminars in Algebra and Number Theory, Partial Differential Equations, Analysis, Differential Geometry, Topology of Manifolds, Geometry and Visualization, and Dynamical Systems.

For further information about graduate work, you can email the current Director of Graduate Studies, Thomas Goodwillie, at or write to:
Director of Graduate Studies
Department of Mathematics
Box 1917
Brown University
Providence, Rhode Island 02912
Telephone 401-863-2590

For application forms and general information please use the Graduate School web page.

Detailed Description of the Graduate Program


Graduate School Handbook

Graduate Students

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