Peihong Jiang

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Office: Kassar 016

Department of Mathematics
Brown University
Box 1917
151 Thayer Street
Providence, RI 02912

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Hi! You've reached an online cache of Peihong Jiang.

I am a 4th year PhD student in Mathematics at Brown University. My advisor is Prof. Jeffrey Brock.

My current research interest has been gradually shifting towards low-dimensional topology and geometric group theory, mostly Mapping Class Group and Out(F_n). Somewhere along the way I became a big fan of various associated complexes.

A while ago I was pretty commutative. Even before that I was (unbelievably) numerical. Once upon a time I thought I'd do K-Theory/Abstract Homotopy Theory, but that did not happen. If you are interested in teaching me TQFT or Quantum Random Walks, that'd be cool.

I'm also an avid climber and an adjunct programmer. If none of the above is allowed, I'd be reading/listening to music/experimenting with food/taking a random walk by myself (or with fellow travelers??).


Controlling the Generic Formal Fiber of Local Domains and Their Polynomial Ring
Peihong Jiang, Anna Kirkpatrick, S. Loepp, Sander Mack-Crane, and S. Tripp
J. Commut. Algebra 241-264 Volume 7, Number 2 (2015), 241-264.

Technical Report

MB04BV - A FORTRAN 77 Subroutine to Compute the Eigenvectors Associated to the Purely Imaginary Eigenvalues of skew-Hamiltonian/Hamiltonian Matrix Pencils
P. Jiang, M. Voigt
SLICOT Working Note 2013-3
...Not Really...


I am a Teaching Assistant for MATH90 (Calc I) in the Fall. Teleport to the course website.
My Current Office Hour is TBD...

I will be a Teaching Fellow for MATH200 (Multivariable Calc for Physics & Engineering) in Spring 2017.


- Teaching Assistant, Intermediate Calculus (Physics/Engineering) [Spring 2016]
- Teaching Assistant, Introductory Calculus [Fall 2015]

@University of Rochester
- Grader, Introduction to Abstract Algebra [Spring 2014]
- Grader, Computation and Formal Systems [Fall 2013]
- Workshop Leader, Honors Calculus III: Linear Algebra [Spring 2013]
- Workshop Leader, Honors Calculus IV: Multivariable Calculus [Spring 2012]
- Lab TA, Science of Data Structure [Fall 2012]
- Workshop Leader, Honors Calculus III: Linear Algebra [Fall 2012]
- Grader, Introduction to Cryptography [Spring 2012]
- Grader, Introduction to Discrete Mathematics [Fall 2011]

'All, everything that I understand, I understand only because I love. '- Lev Tolstoy

At some point in my life, I thought algebraic closure was safe, while chalkboards and splitting fields were dangerous. The picture was taken at SMALL 2013.

I have more dimension than my webpage. Maybe we'll meet in real life some day.