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About the DRP

The Directed Reading Program (DRP) pairs undergraduate students with graduate student mentors to pursue an independent reading project throughout the semester. Typically, an undergraduate student would follow a textbook or a paper, and the graduate student would play the role of a mentor. It is up to each pair to decide how frequently to meet and discuss the content. At the end of the semester, the student is encouraged to give a presentation (or write a report) about the project to solidify and pass on their understanding.

This type of program started at the University of Chicago over a decade ago, and has had immense success. It has since spread to many other math departments. The DRP at Brown began in Spring 2017.


  • It will help further interactions between undergraduate and graduate students, hence strengthening our math community.

  • It will provide a fun and stress-free way for both mentee and mentor to learn or renew insights about their topics.

  • It will give another mode for interested undergraduate students with any level of background to get more involved in math. It can be intimidating for undergraduates to approach professors, and of course faculty are always busy. There is a senior thesis at Brown, but as the name suggests, only seniors can sign up (and not all do). Having a DRP will help increase inclusivity and give another gateway for students to pursue advanced topics in mathematics.

  • It will give graduate students the opportunity to act as mentors and make us feel more like a mathematician.

  • It is something you can put on your CV (but hopefully you care about some of the other things above).