Edward Newkirk

PhD student, Brown University

Email: enewkirk [at] math [dot] brown [dot] edu

Office: Science Library, room 1018.

Office Hours: Tuesday 2-3, Thursday 12-1

I'm a sixth year graduate student in the Brown University math department, working with Professor Richard Schwartz.

Research Interests: I'm currently interested in discrete dynamical systems, particularly a variant on billiards in which the particle erases walls as it hits them; details and pictures are available at the linked page. I'm also looking at the sandpile problem on finite hexagonal graphs. I've previously done work on various isoperimetric problems, as an undergraduate working under Professor Frank Morgan at Williams.


  1. Jonathan Dahlberg, Alexander Dubbs, Edward Newkirk, Hung Tran, Isoperimetric regions in the plane with density r^p, New York J. Math. 16 (2010), 31-51.
  2. Edward Newkirk, Minimal connected partitions of the sphere, Rose-Hulman Und. Math. J. 11(2) (2010)
  3. Steven J. Miller, Frank Morgan, Edward Newkirk, Lori Pedersen, and Deividas Seferis. Isoperimetric sequences. Math. Magazine 84 (Feb. 2011), 37-42.
  4. Edward Newkirk, Billiards with Bombs, Experimental Mathematics 25:2 (2016), 194-212

Teaching: I'm teaching Math 520 this semester. For further details about the course, or past courses I've taught, see the main teaching page.

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