Giovanni Inchiostro

Graduate Student at Brown University


: Room 019, Kassar House

   Email: giovanni (at character)

   Mailing Address: Department of Mathematics
     019 Kassar House
     Box 1917
     151 Thayer Street
     Providence, RI 02912 

I am a fifth year graduate student interested in Algebraic Geometry, my advisor is Dan Abramovich.


Research Interests

Algebraic geometry -- moduli of surfaces, birational geometry, equivariant intersection theory.

- Toric surfaces ruled by lines (Appendix to "The cluster modular groups of the dimer model", by Terrence George)

- Wall crossing morphisms for moduli of stable pairs (Draft; with Kenny Ascher, Dori Bejleri and Zsolt Patakfalvi)

- Stable pairs with a twist and gluing morphisms for moduli of surfaces (Submitted, with Dori Bejleri).

- Moduli of Weierstrass fibrations with marked section. (Submitted)

- Small contractions of 1-parameter families of elliptic surfaces (Appendix to "Moduli of weighted stable elliptic surfaces and invariance of log plurigenera" by Kenny Ascher and Dori Bejleri).

- The Picard group of the moduli of smooth complete intersections of two quadrics (with Shamil Asgarli) To appear in Transactions of the AMS.


Here are some of the classes I am currently teaching and have TA-ed previously at Brown.

Spring 2020: math 60.

Office hours: Wed 11AM - 1PM, office 019 Kassar house

Lessons: MWF 10 - 10:50, 101 Thayer street 116E


HW1- Due on Jan 31, during my class.

HW2- Due on Feb 7, during my class.

HW3-Due on Feb 14, during my class.

HW4-Due on Feb 21, during my class.

HW5-Due on WED 26, during the discussion session.

Fall 2018 - Math 90: Introductory Calculus I (Instructor).

Spring 2018 - Math 100: Introductory Calculus II (TA).
Fall 2017 - Math 100: Introductory Calculus II (TA).
Spring 2017 - Math 100: Introductory Calculus II (TA).
Fall 2016 - Math 90: Introductory Calculus I (TA).