MATH 0540 Honors Linear Algebra - (Spring 2019)


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    Linear algebra for students of greater aptitude and motivation, especially mathematics and science concentrators with a good mathematical preparation. Matrices, linear equations, determinants, and eigenvalues; vector spaces and linear transformations; inner products; Hermitian, orthogonal, and unitary matrices; and Jordan normal forms. Provides a more extensive treatment of the topics in MATH 0520.

    Instructor information:
    Wai Yeung Lam (Course coordinator)
    Email: lam<at>math<dot>brown<dot>edu
    Office: Kassar 303    Office hours: T 1-2pm, W 2-3pm

    Brian Freidin
    Email: brian_freidin<at>
    Office: TBD    Office hours: TBD

    Textbook: Linear Algebra Done Wrong, by Sergei Treil. The book is available online:

    Reference: Linear Algebra Done Right, by Sheldon Axler
    Linear Algebra, 4th Edition by Stephen Friedberg, Arnold J. Insel, Lawrence E. Spence

    Grading: The final grade will be weighted as follows

  • Homework   25%  (The two lowest scores will be dropped.)
  • Midterm 1     20%
  • Midterm 2    20%
  • Final exam    35%
  • Any request due to foreseeable conflict has to be made one week in advance.


    Jan 24: Course overview. Read examples in Sec 1.1. Homework:  Ex 1.2(a)(c), 1.4, 1.5, 1.7, 1.8, 2.1, 2.2,2.3, 2.5. (Due: Jan 31)
    Note: For Ex 1.4,1.7,1.8, write down which axiom\assumption is used for every step.