Math 153

instuctor: Prof. Rich Schwartz
time TuTh 2:30-3:50 (K hour)
place Barus & Holley 153

my office hours: Thurs. 12-2

course summary: This is a first course on abstract algebra:
groups, subgroups, homomorphisms, quotients, rings, ideals, etc.
Here is a longer summary

text: Topics in Algebra (2nd ed.) by I.N. Herstein

grading: Your grade is based on 4 components:
  • homework: 30%
  • midterm 1: 20%
  • midterm 2: 20%
  • final exam: 30%

    homework: I will assign homework each Tuesday
    and collect it the following Tuesday. No late HW.

    Click here for the assignments.
    And here is one last assignment

    The HW assignments will often require you to write
    proofs. In case this is new to you, you might like to see
    some sample proofs I wrote.
    Also, the math notes section of my website has many proofs.

    syllabus: I plan to cover most of the first 3
    chapters in Herstein's book. I will cover the material
    in Chapter 1 only briefly, and then concentrate
    on chapters 2 and 3.

    exam info
  • Midterm 1: Tue 4 March 5-9 PM, B&H 166
  • Midterm 2: Thu 24 April 5-9 PM, B&H 166
  • Final: Due Tue 13 May, 3 PM, Kassar 302
    download it here

    exam solutions

    quaternions and the spin cover
    notes on a HW problem
    a non-Euclidean PID (by G. Bergman)
    The 4-square theorem
    tensor products
    (not) cutting a cube into a regular tetrahedron