Math 20

Timely Information:

Course Sections: This course has several sections course summary
This is a course on multi-variable calculus, with
an emphasis on physical applications. The main topics
are differentiation in several variables, integration
in several variables, and relations between these two
operations, such as Stokes theorem.

text: Edwards and Penney, 6th edition

grading Your grade will be based on 4 components: homework and quizzes We will post the homework assignment
each week (here) by Thursday morning. Each assignment will consist
of 10 problems. The assignment is
due the following Thursday in recitatation section.
There will be a quiz every other week in the recitation section.
We will not accept late homework, and there are no
make-up quizzes. If you miss a quiz or a homework
assignment and have an excuse we consider legitimate, we will
base your grade on the average of your other work.

Exams: There will be two midterms. The first midterm will take place after the end of Chapter 13 and the second midterm will take place after the end of Chapter 14.

recitation section (Thursdays at 12)
  1. Sect 1: BH 163 (Wenhao Fang)
  2. Sect 2: BH 165 (Yue Yu)
  3. Sect 3: Wilson 301 (Kristy Chin)