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Math 201
time/place: Tu-Th 9-10:15 in Kassar 105

instuctor: Prof. Rich Schwartz

my office hours: usually Tu 1-2 Kassar 302

course summary
This is a graduate-level course on Riemannian
geometry. The first half of the course will
deal with local and foundational material
and the second half will deal with some
classical global theorems in the subject.

text: Riemannian Geometry
by Manfredo Do Carmo

homework: I will give homework assignments out periodically,
due roughly every 2 or 3 weeks. If you are a graduate student, you
can take a casual attitude towards these assigments.
If you are an undergraduate, or a grad student seeking qual
credit for the course, you should turn in all
the assignments. Chick here for the assignments.

grading: I will base the course grades on two things:
If you are a graduate student who does not want qual credit for this
class, I will grade you very leniently. If you are an undergraduate,
or a grad student seeking qual credit, I will take your grade
more seriously.

syllabus: I plan to go through Do Carmo's book in order
starting from the beginning. Click here for a list of topics.

Handouts Occasionally I will write handouts for
important material that is not covered in the book.
Here is a list