Math 241
time/place: Tu-Th 1-2:20 in Kassar 205

instuctor: Prof. Rich Schwartz

my office hours: Wed 11 302

course summary
This is a graduate-level course on Algebraic Topology
The main topics are the Fundamental group,
covering spaces, homology, cohomology
and cell complexes.

text: Algebraic Topology by Alan Hatcher
This is a free online book. You can either download
the book or read it online. click here

homework: I will give homework assignments out periodically,
due roughly every 3 weeks. here for the assignments.

grading: I will base the course grades on two things:
syllabus: I plan to cover material from
chapters 1,2,3 of Hatcher's book,
occasionally dipping into Chapters 0 and 4