Math 42
time/place: MWF 10-10:50 in Barus&Holley 157

instuctor: Prof. Rich Schwartz

my office hours: WF 11-12, Kassar 302

T.A.: Sarah Meiklejohn

T.A. office hours: W 6-8, Kassar 205

course summary
This course is a friendly introduction to number theory
designed for people who have a strong interest in math
but not necessarily an extensive background in it.

text: A Friendly Introduction to Number Theory, 3rd. Ed.
by Joseph H. Silverman

syllabus: I plan to go through the first half
of the book (Ch 1 to around Ch 28), roughly at the pace
of 1 chapter per 1-2 lectures. Click here for more details.

homework: I will give assignments each week on Monday
and collect them the following Monday. assignment list .
You are allowed to discuss the homework problems with your
classmates but I expect that the work you turn in mainly
represents your own efforts. I won't accept late H.W.

grading: There are 4 components to your grade:
homework 25%
in-class midterm 1: 25%
in-class midterm 2: 25%
take-home final: 25%

computing resources Click here