Brown Baby Algebraic Geometry Seminar (BAGS)

This semester we are studying Beauville's book on algebraic surfaces. Our goal for the semester is to work through the birational classification of algebraic surfaces over C.

News: Here is an exercise we worked through in the seminar (this result is sometimes referred to as Zariski's lemma in the literature).

Topic Speaker Date
Curves and Picard group Shamil Feb 7 & Feb 9
Chapter I: Riemann-Roch Giovanni Feb 14 & Feb 16
Chapter II: Birational maps Stephen
Feb 21 & Feb 23
Chapter III: Ruled surfaces Tangli
Feb 28 & March 2
Chapter IV: Rational surfaces Giovanni
March 7 & March 9
Chapter IV: Rational surfaces Giovanni
March 14 & March 16
Chapter V: Castelnuovo's Theorem Shamil
March 21 & March 23

Chapter VI: Surfaces p_g = 0, q >= 1 Thomas
April 4 & April 6
Chapter VII: Kodaira dimension
April 11
Chapter VIII: Surfaces with k=0
April 18 & April 20
Chapter IX: Surfaces with k=1 Dori
April 25 & April 27
Chapter X: Surfaces of general type