Victòria Gras Andreu

    Contact Info

    Email: vgras at math dot brown dot edu

    Office: Kassar 018

    Department of Mathematics
    Brown University
    Box 1917
    151 Thayer Street
    Providence, RI 02912

About me

I am a fifth year PhD student in Mathematics at Brown University. My advisor is George Daskalopoulos.

I was a La Caixa fellow from September 2013 to December 2016.

My pure math research interests lies in Differential Geometry and Geometric Analysis, in particular the study of Harmonic maps.

Currently I'm interested in applying Maching Learning and Data Analysis to solve different types of problems.

Here is my Resume.


Harmonic maps between ideal 2-dimensional simplicial complexes (with Brian Freidin), arxiv


Thesis defense, pdf

Conferences Organized

6th Annual Grad Student Math Conference at Brown

5th Annual Grad Student Math Conference at Brown

4th Annual Grad Student Math Conference at Brown


Spring 2019 - Math 200: Multivariable Calculus for Physics/Engineering (Instructor)

Fall 2018 - Math 170: Honors Calculus (Instructor)

Summer 2018 - STEM I: Science for Middle School: Big Data Now! (Teaching Assistant)

Spring 2018 - Math 100: Introductory Calculus II (Instructor)

Fall 2017 - Math 90: Introductory Calculus I (Teaching Assistant)

Spring 2017 - Math 100: Introductory Calculus II (Teaching Assistant)

* I completed the Certificate I program through the Sheridan Center for Teaching and Learning

Last updated: May 6, 2019