At the grave of Henri Poincaré in Montparnasse Cemetery, Paris

Yitzchak Elchanan (Isaac) Solomon

יצחק אלחנן סולומון

5th year graduate student working under Jeff Brock and Steve Oudot.

Contact Info

Department of Mathematics
Box 1917
Brown University
151 Thayer Street
Providence, RI 02912

Email: ysolomon [at] math [dot] brown [dot] edu


My research interests are in geometry, topology, and their applications. In particular, I am interested in applied algebraic topology, spaces of metric structures, and connections between computational geometry and topological invariants.

Curriculum Vitae

Applied Topology and Geometry Seminar

Together with Melissa McGuirl, I am organizing the Brown Applied Topology and Geometry Seminar.


I have been tutoring and teaching math for almost a decade, ranging from high school algebra and geometry to calculus and linear algebra to advanced topics like analysis and topology. Currently I am working with Cambridge Coaching, and also tutoring privately. Email me if you are interested in setting up a tutoring session.

Graduate Student Service

I have been a departmental representative to the Brown Graduate Student Council for three years.

Data Science

I maintain an interest in data science in parallel with my mathematical interests. In 2017, I participated in the Brown Data Science Hackathon (Datathon). Together with my teammates, Jeroen Chua and Sunny Yang Xiao, we came in third place with a project on predicting smartphone users from accelerometer data across a variety of movements.