Algebra – Mathematics 1530 (CRN: 16440)
Brown University – Fall, 2020
Professor Joseph Silverman

This web page has some basic information about Math 1530. See the course web page on Canvas for complete information.

Text Integrated Introduction to Abstract Algebra (IIAA).
by Joseph H. Silverman
Available through a link in Canvas.
Office Mathematics Department, Kassar House, Room 202
Phone 863-1124
Office Hours TBA
Course Time MWF 11:00–11:50 AM (D hour)
Course Location via Zoom
Class Meeting Notes The class for Monday September 28 will be pre-recorded due to Yom Kippur.
The class for Friday November 20 will be pre-recorded due to a meeting that I need to attend.
I will send a link so that you can watch these lectures at your leisure.
Class will meet during reading period. The last regular class meeting is Friday, December 4. The final exam is sometime the week of December 7–11.
Problem Sets Note: The problem sets are challenging. Don't leave them until the last minute! We will be moving rapidly. In order to learn the material, it is very important to DO THE HOMEWORK WHEN IT IS ASSIGNED.
Late homework will generally NOT be accepted or graded. Submit what you've done, when it's due.
Homework should be submitted through Gradescope. You can follow the link in Canvas.
Homework should generally be done on your own. If you occasionally work with someone else in the class, you must indicate who you worked with. Further, you are not allowed to get help from people not in the class, nor may you search or ask for solutions on the internet. Doing so is a form of plagiarism and will be treated as such. The grader and I reserve the right to do our own internet searches and compare your solutions with those that we find.
Homework on Canvas and Gradescope The homework assignments include reading assignments, due the next class, and written assignments, due on the date indicated.

Dates to Remember: There will be two mid-term exams and a final exam. They will be available on Canvas and should be submitted via Gradescope.

Midterm Exam #1

Weds Oct 14 at 9:00am EST–Fri Oct 16 at 5:00pm EST

Midterm Exam #2

Weds Nov 11 at 9:00am EST–Fri Nov 13 at 5:00pm EST

Final Exam

Sometime the week of Dec 7–11
Exact day(s)/time(s) TBA

Grading: The course grade will be determined on the following basis:

Problem Sets


Midterm Exam 1


Midterm Exam 2


Final Exam


Course and Unit Goals: Math 1530 introduces students to fundamental topics in algebra, which is one of the building blocks of modern mathematics. The course has two main goals. The first is to cover key concepts including groups, rings, abstract vector spaces, and fields. The second is to gain proficiency with constructing and writing proofs, which is one of the primary activities of modern mathematics.

Learning Activities and Time Allocation: Learning activities include class attendance, weekly problem sets, two mid-term exams and a final exam. The time to complete these activities are (1) attending lectures, approximately 3 hours/week; (2) reading material in the book, approximately 3 hours/week; (3) working on the problem sets, approximately 7 hours/week; (4) studying for exams, approximately 10 hours/semester.

Assessment: Course grades will be determined by the quality of problem sets submitted and by grades on the two mid-term exams and the final exam.

Expectations of Students: It is expected that students will attend or view all lectures, and will participate in class discussion to the extent possible. Assignments are due on the listed dates. All students are expected to abide by Brown's academic code, which may found here

Brief Syllabus and Schedule: Details are available on Canvas and Gradescope.

  1. Introduction to Groups (Chapter 2)
  2. Introduction to Rings (Chapter 3)
  3. Review of Linear Algebr and Vector Spaces (Chapter 4)
  4. Introduction to Fields (Chapter 5)
  5. Group Theory: Additional Topics (Chapter 6)
  6. Ring Theory: Additional Topics (Chapter 7)
  7. Field Theory: Additional Topics (Chapter 8)

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