Richard Evan Schwartz


1-100 Factored

Recently, I made this poster into a book, called
You can Count on Monsters

Unnecessary Surgery

I made this poster from one of my
comic books .

Chicken Lo Mein

This is another poster I made
from one of my comic books.
Here are some other ones I did.
1 or 2 or 3

Balloon ride over the water

This is a close-up of several
pictures from Chicken Lo Mein.

Cyan Path

The Cult of the Infinite

Dinner with the Inventor

Man With Snake

Blue Spider

10 Idiots


Self portrait



Lily in Tree

Man Running


Sky over Red City

"Sky..." is an homage to a quilt
that my wife made.

Bon Voyage

"Sky..." is an homage to a quilt
that my wife made.

Pappus's Theorem and
the Modular Group

Fareycentric subdivision


This poster illustrates
the research in my paper
Real Hyperbolic on the Outside
Complex Hyperbolic on the Inside