Polytopes and Polyhedra

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For a good exploration of three-space polyhedra, including a walk-through of Euclid's proof of the existence of only five, try George Hart's Virtual Polyhedra Page at Hofstra University.

Slicing Polyhedra

To see a discussion (and pictures) on slicing rotating polyhedra that incorporates slicing, click here.

Polyhedral Fold-Outs



Other people have explored the semi-regular polyhedra:

Tom Getty, in the department of Mathematics at California State University in Chico, has lots of material about polyhedra. Click here to see his material on Archimedean solids.

Maeder in Zurich has another interesting collection of pictures of semi-regular polyhedra.

V. Bulatov, in the U.K., has a collection of beautiful pictures of regular, semi-regular, stellated, and other polyhedra. Most of what he does is far outside the scope of what we address in this page, but click here to see it anyway.


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