Labware - MA35 Multivariable Calculus - Single Variable Calculus



Demo Tutorial



This tutorial is divided into five lessons.

To view a lesson, click on the [+] button above its picture and then click the button that appears.

A more detailed tutorial is located in the resources section.



  • 1. Create a new demo by following these steps:
    • Add an interval x which goes from -1 to 1 in 20 steps.
    • Add a variable a which goes from -1 to 1 in 10 steps.
    • Add a function f(x), and type in any expression for it.
    • Add a 2D graph window which shows the function graph of f(x) and plots the point (a, f(a)).
  • 2. Create a demo which shows a graph of the function f(x) and also graphs the tangent line to f(x) at some point, x0.
  • 3. Create a demo based on your favorite calculus topic.